Spartan-PHP is a proof of concept framework. The main principle it is based on is the Pareto principle: you only need 20% of the code to cover 80% of use cases. This helps on making the code simple to read, simple to test and simple to use because simple is better, hence the name Spartan. For custom functionality you only need to extend the current class keeping things SOLID.

How to become a spartan ?

  1. Read the user quide thoroughly to understand the internals.
  2. Once you're done, you can read the docs on components.
  3. There will be a cookbook available that will guide you through some common tasks.
  4. The installation of the Spartan-APP will provide a Demo app to quickly get you started.

Why to become a spartan ?

  1. Because Spartan is SOLID.
  2. There is no legacy code.
  3. ADR will slowly become the next MVC. Why not start now ?
  4. AOP is great for keeping things tight. (soon)
  5. Documentation is quickly growing. (see spartan-docs)
  6. Latest CI tools for keeping the quality of the code high.
  7. Simple testing with separation of concepts between Action and Responder.
  8. MVC dispatcher for die-hard fans (soon).
  9. Dev tools for running common tasks. (soon)

(more soon)